Our carpet cleaning Newport Beach in Detail.

Carpet cleaning Newport Beach, CA, is like no other. The city of Newport Beach is full of beach life and great summer days. Therefore, you may find tourists year round and many vacation rentals in Newport Beach. This means that our carpet cleaning Newport Beach service is on high demand on short notice and with fast turn around time. Many of the local carpet cleaning jobs are vacation rentals and young executives that move in for the great life style of Newport Beach. Therefore, the foot traffic on the average carpet in Newport Beach is high. In addition, the many parties and vibrant social life also take a toll on the carpet. With many food and drink spills, periodical carpet cleaning Newport Beach service is a must.

Carpet cleaning Newport Beach for surfers.

a main cultural practice in Newport Beach is the beach life, and of course, surfing. Typically, when you go to surf, you also bring back home lots of dirt and some drenched clothes. That mean your wet suit, surf board etc, are all coming back with some sand on them, and in many cases they could drip on your carpet. With time you will notice that your carpet builds up more areas that are stained and might even feel sandy. For this reason you need to get a constant carpet cleaning service in Newport Beach.

Newport Beach carpet cleaning for pet stains.

Pet stains is yet another major reason for a carpet cleaning service in Newport Beach. With many of you keeping pets at home, pet stains are only a matter of time. In addition, leaving your pet at home while you go to work will find its way to carpet cleaning your pet stains. We specialize in pet stains and odor removal carpet cleaning service.We use 100% pure enzyme treatment on your carpet that eats the bacteria and leaves your carpet clean looking and fresh smelling.For more information about our carpet cleaning Newport Beach service, please contact Dr. Carpet Anaheim.